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Hacktoberfest 2023 ✨ - 31/10/2023

Celebrating my first Hacktoberfest with contributions, fun challenges, cool rewards, and lessons learned.

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My Hacktoberfest 2023 Adventure 🚀

Holopin Galore!

It was super exciting to earn Holopins from sponsors like Appwrite, ILLA, MLH, DigitalOcean, and of course, Hacktoberfest.

An image of @bkpecho's Holopin badges, which is a link to view their full Holopin profile


Joining Depths’ challenge kept me motivated and introduced me to even more projects.



HackSquad2023 Fun

Collaborating and learning in the HackSquad was both engaging and rewarding.


Conquering the 4 PRs

Success! I tackled the Hacktoberfest challenge, and in the process, found some interesting projects to support.

Four PRs Merged

Hacktoberfest Reward Kit

This awesome package full of goodies was a great way to celebrate my wins!

Reward kit

Reward kit

Planting a Tree

Giving back to the planet alongside the open-source community felt awesome. Thank you Tree-Nation!


Amazing Projects

My favorite part was discovering great projects to contribute to, including ones from @illacloud, @web3Philippines, and @intel.


What I Learned

Hacktoberfest 2023 offered more than achievements. Here’s what I took away:

Collaboration is key: Working with others in the open-source community builds both projects and confidence.

The power of small contributions: Every valuable pull request is a step forward for a project.

Growing through challenges: Overcoming hurdles is part of becoming a better developer.

Calling All Open Source Enthusiasts

If you’re on the fence about Hacktoberfest, take the plunge! It’s a fantastic chance to participate in a welcoming community, make an impact, and learn through hands-on experience. Mark your calendars for next year and join the fun!

Let’s Connect! I’d love to hear about your Hacktoberfest experiences. Reach out on Twitter @bkpecho. Thanks you for your time and have a great day ahead!

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